Shunga, Sel + bain moussant, Bath Salt Display for24

Perfect presentation! A high-quality shop counter display that is filled with the luxurious bath salts Sea Salt Crystals Moonlight Bath from Shunga. The bath salts come in 4 different colours/scents: 6 x Aphrodisia – Pink, rose scent, 75 g. 6 x Ocean Breeze – Blue, fresh scent, 75 g. 6 x Exotic Fruits – Purple, exotic fruity scent, 75 g. 6 x Lotus Flower– Green, lotus flower scent, 75 g. The luxurious Sea Salt Crystals Moonlight Bath from Shunga are perfect for a nourishing and pleasurable bathing experience which touches and seduces all the senses – alone or with a partner. The crystals make the bath water wonderfully soft and bubbly. They also turn the water a lovely colour without leaving any residue. It is also very arousing thanks to its delicate and seductive scent that stays on the skin and in the room for a long time. 100% salt from the Dead Sea and additional herbal oils provide moisture and nourish the skin so that it is velvety soft and smooth. 75 g each for 1-2 baths (depending on the amount of water. Perfect for trying out – a great gift!.

109EUR :